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Trump’s Anti-Communist Legacy

Jan.22.– President Donald Trump didn’t campaign in 2016 on a promise to confront the global spread of communism, but his efforts over the past four years against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), its proxies, and other elements of the communist specter have become the centerpiece of his legacy.

Viewed through this lens, the “America First” slogan was a fitting one for a campaign against a communist adversary and a medley of the causes it has co-opted in a decades-long campaign to supplant the United States as the most powerful nation in the world.

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Guyana says Venezuela detained two fishing vessels in its waters

GEORGETOWN — Guyana said late on Saturday that a Venezuelan navy vessel detained two vessels that were fishing in Guyana’s exclusive economic zone, the latest dispute in a long-running border conflict between the two South American nations.

Caracas says much of eastern Guyana is its own territory, a claim that is rejected by Georgetown. The conflict has flared up in recent years as Guyana has started developing oil reserves near the disputed area.

“The Venezuelan vessel was illegally maneuvering within Guyana’s EEZ and Contiguous Zone when it intercepted, boarded and commandeered the Guyanese fishing vessels,” Guyana’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

“Guyana condemns in the strongest possible terms this wanton act of aggression by the Venezuelan armed forces against Guyana and Guyanese citizens.”

The vessels were intercepted on Thursday and taken to Venezuela’s port city of Guiria, where the crew and ships were detained, the statement said.

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Russian opposition figure Navalny detained at passport control after returning to Moscow

Navalny was detained following almost five months in Germany.

Navalny detained upon his arrival to MoscowMoscow, Jan. 17.– Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny has been detained by police at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport after returning from Germany, where he had been recovering following an alleged poisoning attempt last summer.

Navalny and his wife Yulia left the plane together on Sunday evening with the rest of the passengers and drove to the terminal in a bus. The activist was arrested at the immigration desk.

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Museveni, one-time critic of clinging to power, wins sixth term

Uganda’s longtime president will continue his rule over a population where three-quarters are younger than 30 and have never known anyone else in charge.

Yoweri Museveni has already ruled Uganda for 35 years – and he is now set for five more.

The veteran leader was declared on Saturday the winner of Uganda’s presidential election, cementing his position among the world’s longest-serving leaders.

The results, which have been rejected by the opposition, followed one of the bloodiest campaigns in years, with at least 54 people killed in November as security forces violently broke down opposition protests. Opposition figures, meanwhile, were repeatedly harassed and arrested, while members of the media also came under attack.

Main opposition leader Bobi Wine has dismissed the electoral process as a rigged “sham”, but Museveni, in a televised address to the nation on Saturday, said Thursday’s polls may turn out to be Uganda’s “most cheating-free election” since independence from the United Kingdom in 1962.

Shortly after Museveni took power in 1986, ending years of bloodshed and chaos at the hands of leaders Idi Amin and Milton Obote, the young president had complained about leaders who “overstayed” their welcome.

But nearly 35 years later, Museveni has joined the ranks of those he once criticised, winning a sixth term in office.

Unbound by Uganda’s constitution – it was amended twice to remove presidential term and age limits – critics have accused the former rebel fighter, who never speaks publicly of succession and has broken past promises to stand down, of becoming increasingly autocratic and wanting to rule for life.

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Al-Sisi expresses keenness to push on Egypt-France cooperation

Le Drian conveyed the greetings of French President Emmanuel Macron to Al-Sisi, hailing the strong and distinguished Al-Sisi receives French envoy Le Drianrelations between France and Egypt.

Cairo, Jan.13.– Egypt's President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi expressed, on Monday, Egypt’s aspiration to benefit from French expertise in achieving its development plans.

The President added that this relates particularly to railway projects and the national plan for developing villages.

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